The HabitaBuild Experience: Quality as a standard feature.

HabitaBuild was founded in 2007. Our mission is to make the world a better place to live by increasing quality without increasing cost, while reducing our footprint on the environment.

Here is how we are making the world a better place to live:

Efficient design that reduces waste and cost by taking into account the dimensions of the material and by eliminating beams and columns as much as possible by supporting our open-web joists on the side walls. Just by having most floorplan dimensions by multiple of 2 feet, we reduce waste by 50%.

Innovative construction like using open-web joist and having the HVAC and plumbing inside the floor-ceiling assembly to avoid ugly bulk heads.

Cutting the middle man by hiring our own workers and hiring contractors who hire their own workers. Basically we hire contractors for electricity, HVAC, plumbing and gas, foundations, finish carpentry, drywall taping and mudding as well as downspouts; we have our own workers for everything else. We are also rasing awareness on reducing waste with our workers and contractors by reducing waste by an extra 25%.

Reducing waste: With better design and better working techniques, we reduce waste by more than 75% compared to most builders.


Quality that will save you money: The money we save on reducing waste and middle men, we invest it into better quality. Some builders talk about quality to justify charging you more money. At HabitaBuild we believe that the best quality should actually make you save money down the road without costing more upfront.

Beautiful and long-lasting Bathrooms: At HabitaBuild, all our bathrooms are beautifully tiled. We use cement board backing around bathtubs and showers; most builders use only drywall that will collect mold. We apply a waterproofing membrane like RedGuard, Mapelastic or Ditra seven feet above floor level around showers and tubs and on all tiled floors. The membrane also prevents the cracking of the tiles.

Sleek smooth ceilings: At HabitaBuild we do not use textured ceilings like most builders do, we only offer you beautiful smooth ceilings as a standard feature. Most builders will charge you thousands of dollars extra if you ask for smooth ceilings. Textured ceilings are used to hide defects; at HabitaBuild we prevent defects. We use a custom engineered floor system that offers a nice leveled ceiling and we only hire the best drywall installers and finishers to ensure that your ceiling will be the most beautiful.

No bulkheads: The most notable difference in an HabitaBuild home is what you will not see: an ugly drop-down ceiling around the ventilation system. Most builders do not finish their basements because the result is too ugly. With HabitaBuild custom engineered floor system, all the ventilation system is hidden within your floor system for a clean sleek look.


Minimizing our environmental footpring: When you buy a new home, you do not want to cause damage to the natural habitat for the fauna and the flora. By building two houses on a piece of land where one house used to stand, we help reducing urban sprawling and avoid reducing natural habitat. By designing our homes using dimensions that reduce waste and optimizing the use of material, we reduce construction waste by 75%. By using the money we save on reducing waste on better quality material and workmanship, we also reduce waste in the future.

Making the world a better place to live: Your home is your family’s habitat. If you want a healthy habitat for your family while protecting the natural habitat, you want a HabitaBuild home.

Your investment in a HabitaBuild Home: Your new home is probably your biggest investment; make sure you make the best investment for your family and for the planet, have a look at HabitaBuild homes and see the quality for yourself.